About us

Imagine an easy-to-use app that connects restaurants and food lovers together in a unique experience. At Forkspot, we are reinventing the way people discover and eat at restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

As a consumer, you have access to real-time discounts the second you step into your favorite restaurant. Menu confusion is also a thing of the past with instant recommendations based on menu items that users love the most. Plus, rest-assured that all of the reviews are authentic and real, because Forkspot uses proximity technology to validate reviews.

Currently we have partnered with over 500 restaurants in Los Angeles and San Diego, California to introduce proximity based ordering and discounts. Forkspot will allow users to place orders with discounts through our app. Our proximity network will help restaurants identify users and their orders the moment they walk-in to pick up their order, by showing their order information and user photo on the merchant’s Forkspot tablet. Imagine walking into a restaurant and before you even cross the threshold, the server knows your name, your order, and exactly where to find you. Guaranteed customer service and greater satisfaction can follow out-of-the-box thinking and innovation. At Forkspot every hour is happy hour!

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