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4 Popular Mexican Restaurants in San Diego


Honestly, is there ever a bad time for a burrito? We don’t think so. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of some of the best Mexican restaurants in San Diego (you’re welcome).

Next time you need your fix of Mexican food on your lunch break or want to have an awesome dinner with your friends, we have you covered. Once you check out all the items on this list, we’re confident you’ll be craving this cuisine. Keep reading to learn more about 4 popular Mexican restaurants in San Diego.

Tacos El Cabron

Can you guess what this place is known for? Tacos! If that’s what you’re in the mood for, this place should be at the top of your list. However, there are some other great eats on offer as well. Take a look at some of their popular menu options:

Birria Taco

El Cabron Taco

California Surf and Turf Burrito

Albert’s Fresh Mexican Food

Albert’s Fresh Mexican Food has a breakfast menu and a regular menu. Not sure what to grab? These are the items you must try:

Diego Burrito

Carne Asada Taters

Albert’s Wraps

El Maguey De Cotija

El Maguey De Cotija also offers a breakfast menu and a regular menu. Here’s a look at some of their awesome eats:

Shrimp Burrito

Mixed Chimichanga

Carnitas Taco

Barrio Star

Barrio Star is a great spot for lunch and dinner with a wide selection of appetizers, entrees, and desserts. They also put their own unique twists on the classics foods we all love. Their menu includes:

Guadalajara Corn

Barrio Bowl

Potato Tacos

Wrapping Up

So….tacos for lunch anyone? No matter what you’re craving, you’ll find delicious Mexican food worth raving about at all of these popular Mexican restaurants in San Diego. From the unique potato taco to the classic burrito, these menus offer something for everyone to enjoy.

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