7 Grilling And Barbecuing Tips For Your Weekend


We have been asking readers to give us information about the best ways to grill and got some good feedback. We asked readers to share their favorite non-traditional grilling and barbecue tips as well as ways to cook veggies on a grill. Here are some tips that will make your weekend barbeque a blast. After following these tips we hope you’re done with the grilling and barbecuing and that you find some time to relax and enjoy your weekend.

Here are a few more grilling and barbecuing tips we wanted to share.
1. Use charcoal whenever possible, place briquettes in a pyramid stack for easy lighting.
2. Try adding onions to the hot coals to reduce the lighter fluid smell.
3. Add your tomato or sugar-based grilling sauces at the very end to reduce burning and lock in flavors
4. Turn meat over a less than a couple of times, for most meat – once is enough.
5. When turning meat over, don’t use a fork or tender juices could escape and make the meat dry.
6. Add veggies to another grilling tray to keep different foods ready at the right temperature.
7. Have skewers handy – you never know what you can create quickly on the grill with them.

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