Love Kale

A Love Letter to Kale


Dearest Kale,

In college, we dated some complicated people that took time to really get to know. Similarly, at first you seemed bitter, harsh, and stiff. You were so far beyond the norm that we wondered if you were worth the time and patience. The truth, though, is that you may be the best thing that ever happened to the plant-based diet.

You made us work for you and we respect that.

You’re not easy, like carb-heavy snacks and convenience foods. Sometimes, when you’re being difficult, we just need to give you time, let you simmer down into a more pliable state. Other times, we can’t even talk about dinner until you’ve gotten a good massage. Every now and then, we have to butter you up for a nice evening with friends, but we’ve grown accustomed to your nature and love you all the more for it.

Do you remember the first party we went to together? We were taking a chance but who knew you’d crash it so fantastically. Back then, our friends couldn’t see in you what we did. They didn’t even want to give you a chance. They were trapped in a buffalo-winged world of orange dye number 1 but didn’t like colored food if the color was green. They came around, though. They always do.

Why? Because once anyone looks past your tough exterior and seedy reputation, you amaze them with your natural beauty, substance, and good taste. You’re a hero among vegetables – a superfood that’s misunderstood, like Batman. It’s easy to love Wonder Pig – who doesn’t have a crush on bacon? But you’re the hero our kitchens deserve.

Dark, twisted, and packing flavorful punches is your M.O. and secretly we’re so into that. But you’re wholesome, too, and though it may be revealing too much, too soon, we can see ourselves building a life with you. Together, we could grow strong children who aren’t afraid to try new things and buck the sodium-soaked, fat-fraught world of faux food.

Taking you home for the first time is always such an adventure. Even after getting to know you on various dinner dates, we didn’t quite know what to do with you in the home. Bake? Fry? Sautee? We fumble through because we are so hungry, but because you are so delightfully versatile, we are sure to be satisfied by the end.

The memories are so delicious and life without you is unimaginable. Trust us, you’ll never, ever get burned.

Love you and can’t wait to see you again tonight,
Veggie Lovers at Forkspot

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