delivery for foodies

Bite-size Guide to Delivery for Foodies


Recently, we covered how to expand your palate on our blog. If you’re a true foodie and adventurous eater, trying new things when you go out is a key part of your lifestyle. However, when it comes to getting food delivered, hesitation can creep in. You don’t want to be stuck ordering a basic burger or pasta dish. The good news? Food delivery has come a long way and you no longer have to settle for these average dishes when you order. Keep reading to discover our guide to delivery for foodies.

Check out all the cuisine

Before you even start digging through all your choices, check out the different types of cuisine available on the delivery app. One of the quickest ways to make sure you’ll find a dish that’s unique to you is to start looking for restaurants that serve foods that you don’t usually gravitate towards. From Thai to seafood and everywhere in between, most delivery apps have a variety of options.

Look for signature dishes

Now that you know where you’ll order from, try to figure out what that restaurant is known for. Sometimes these are popular menu options, but sometimes they’re lost in the shuffle of a large menu. Whatever the case may be, keep an eye out for offerings described as a signature item.


See a few things you’d like to try? Order a few small items, like appetizers to get a good sampling. Alternatively, if you see customization options available, take advantage of them. This is a great opportunity to take items you think you’d enjoy and make them even more delicious and unique. Who says you can’t play with your food? (Okay – a lot of people but we don’t buy that).

Wrapping Up

Ready to satisfy your cravings and try a new dish? If so, check out the Forkspot app for Android and iPhone! On the app, you can find more information about dozens of restaurants and place an order in just a few taps. There are hundreds of dishes to choose from and you can make sure you’re getting a meal that aligns with your expanding tastes.


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