Art Walk LA

Feast Your Eyes at the Downtown Art Walk


Life in LA is a constant hustle and bustle, but its casual lifestyle allows us to work hard during the week, then go out on the weekend to shake it off and have fun. We do not lead the kind of movie lifestyle that people are led to believe is synonymous with living in LA. Far from it! But we sure love our city of angels. If you live in LA, work all day and don’t go out to enjoy the city life, you could find yourself being overwhelmed and simply unable to cope. There’s far too much to do here to be a house rat.
Visiting the Downtown Art Walk

You just need kick back and enjoy all the wonderful events in Los Angeles. With so many to choose from, your only problem should be deciding which ones you’ll enjoy. You’ll never know until you try them. The monthly Downtown LA Art Walk event in is one of those activities with which you can never go wrong. It takes place every second Tuesday from noon until 10pm. The ArtWalk is quite a safe place, too: The police are always on hand to ensure the people are safe and can freely enjoy themselves.
The fine LA weather that we enjoy almost all year round, along with our great beaches and lush mountains, provide the perfect backdrop for the level of spectacular and mesmerizing creativity that is showcased at the LA Art Walk. The cultural vibe is amazing! Your eyes, ears and taste buds will be treated to a feast of artistic sights, sounds and tastes. LA is filled with many talented artists. Having them all come together to transform Downtown LA into a walk through gallery is almost more than words can describe.
Who will be There?

Droves of people stroll through Downtown LA to savor the eclectic mix of art on display. The atmosphere is charged with the creative energy of the artists and the hype of the viewers. The crowd is as diverse as the art because the Artwalk is a perfect melting pot of Angelenos of all ages, races and cultures. From your neighbor, to a celeb – you can find everyone here.
And the Food?

Finding great food in Los Angeles to match the energy and diversity of the people is a no brainer. There are food trucks galore on that day as the Los Angeles restaurants take their offerings to the people. Culinary art is second nature to the city. The many restaurants here so capably cater to the needs of the people that our eyes and taste buds are constantly treated to a feast that totally compliments the art. If you want a drink, the pubs and bars are just a short walk away.
Your options for entertaining yourself in LA are endless, but there are certain activities you just don’t want to miss. The Downtown LA Artwalk is certainly one of them. Once you go, it is almost sure to become a permanent fixture on your monthly entertainment roster. Just don’t leave home without your camera or trusted iphone. With all the viewing of abstract art, the taking in live of performances and just everything that’s there, you’ll be sure to find something you want to snap, share and keep for the sake of great memories.
This day is all about taking in great art, mingling with a fun crowd and descending on the many food trucks and/or nearby bars. What more could you ask for? This is what LA is all about. This is a pretty cool place to live, but you have to make it all worth it.

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