A Great Day Starts With A Great Breakfast…


A good breakfast is a key to a great day. Quotes about this have even been featured in popular children’s books and awesome comedy routines.

Robert A. Heinlein said it best: “One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.” Honestly, we can’t disagree.

That said, it can be challenging to search through pages of results to find a good breakfast spot. Want breakfast plans this weekend? We’ve got you covered. Here are 4 must-try breakfast spots in Burbank and some popular items you can find on their menus.

Yaki Cafe

Yaki Cafe has a small menu featuring both breakfast and lunch items. A few of their must-have items are:

Fried Egg
Fresh Green Tea
Vanilla Latte

Yaki Cafe is also known for their wide selection of beverages, including a menu of loose leaf teas.
Edwin Mills

Edwin Mills has a menu with something for everyone and serves both breakfast and lunch. This spot is hard to forget thanks to their unique dishes. Some fan favorites include:

That’s A Lot of Protein
Confused Burrito
Fidel’s Fluffcakes

Cheebo has a breakfast menu, a regular menu and a pizza menu. If you’re checking out Cheebo for breakfast, you’ll want to keep an eye out for these items.

Chicken Fajita Burrito
The Stacked One
Sausage Breakfast Bowl

Cheebo also offers items that are vegetarian and vegan-friendly. So, this is a great spot if you’re looking for an accommodating restaurant to serve multiple dietary needs.
Great Grill

Great Grill serves only breakfast items. Whether you’re in the mood for waffles, pancakes or an omelet they have you covered. Not sure what to choose? Their most popular items are:

Fruit Plate
Country Breakfast
Sausage Breakfast Burrito
Wrapping Up

Planning on grabbing breakfast in Burbank this weekend? If so, check out the Forkspot app for Android and iPhone! On the app, you can find more information about each restaurant and place an order in just a few taps. (You can even order from bed)! If you’ve tried any of the items on this list, let us know what your favorites are.

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