Los Angeles Grammy Museum

Have you ever been to the Grammy Museum?


If we were to try and capture life in Los Angeles in one picture, it would be like a beautiful yet complex mosaic with the simple theme throughout – THIS IS TRULY LA. Even as locals, we would totally fail in any attempt to give a full description of Los Angeles in one sitting. Not even the movie makers have gotten it right all these years. That is simply because the diversity here is so wide that even after living here for years we are bound to miss something. This city has so many hidden secrets that we fail to get them all.
The Grammy Museum is one such secret. Believe it or not, many Angelenos are totally unaware that this museum even exists. Many avid music lovers would be stumped if you were to ask them about the Grammy Museum that is on Olympic Boulevard in Downtown LA. It is actually sitting there right next to the Staples Center. That’s just sad, because this is the place to go to view a wonderful interactive display of some of the world’s and our nation’s greatest musicians. If you have never been to the Grammy Museum then you are truly missing out on a great part of our rich culture.
The Grammy Museum: A must-visit for anyone living in LA

This place ROCKS! The Grammy Museum carries three floors – yes you heard right – three floors of amazing displays that are both entertaining and interactive. Visitors get to use headphones and even try their hand at making their own music. There are interactive videos to help you learn more about making and editing music. This is one of the many things that make living in Los Angeles such a charm.
The museum showcases both past and present entertainers such as the legendary Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley and the Beach Boys. You can even see some of the King of Pop’s jackets on display. Awesome! As a matter of fact they have a vast collection of personal items for various musicians. These include costumes, hand written lyrics and even the instruments of some of our past greats.
Talking about the past, the museum displays really take you down memory lane. They have a display on the history of the Grammys, all the great songs and famous musicians that have graced the music industry since the Grammy awards first came to be. That is just super cool! At different points they will also feature the various artists so the displays are constantly changing and that is just great. The museum is very spacious and there is a little gift shop if you wish to purchase something.
Great Family Visits

There is maybe no better way to give kids a real taste of music from yesteryear to the present in one go. The fact that the exhibits are so well put together and are interactive, plus they get to play around trying to make their own music, makes this a great place to take the kids. Visitors get to both view and play the DJ equipment that is on the third floor. Make it a family trip. It’s one of those experiences that everyone in the family will be talking about for some time to come. Parents always want to know they meet and surpass the expectations of their kids. The Grammy is the perfect place to help you achieve that.
The recent exhibition on former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr is one of those much talked about events in Los Angeles. It took place right here at the Grammy Museum. People who visit this museum are really helping to maintain a rich tradition. As is common throughout the city, you will not have to worry about food because various Los Angeles restaurants are right there in the Financial District.

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