How Do You Grill Your Veggies?


It’s Friday – a time to chill and grill. Yesterday we got some great ideas for grilling and barbecuing when the intent is to do something different. We need more help! We asked you to tell us what you liked to grill that is non-traditional. Your responses help us and aren’t taken lightly. Your feedback keeps engaged with you and helps us work better to develop mobile and online food ordering experiences you can count on.

Our question yesterday: What BBQ food do you like that ISN’T Ribs, Chicken, Or Burgers? Our inquiry was simple and plain. Let’s give each other some grilling ideas that are off the beaten path. The answers ranged from “lamb”, to “pineapples and peaches” and the weekend editor’s personal favorite “Duck with grilled peach salsa” (that sounds utterly delectable – pictures please?).

Now, let’s take it a step further and dig deeper.. Let’s stick to veggies! How do you grill or barbecue your veggies and what is your favorite grilled vegetable (or fruit)? Give us your steps, tips and advice. Tomorrow we will ask a more broad question about how to grill and bbq properly. Here is an inside tip on tomorrow’s post.

Tip: After the grill is ready – cut a few onions in half and put them directly inside the charcoal. It will get rid of the lighter fluid smell if you used a traditional setup…. Start with one or two onions and see how it goes first. Don’t forget you can’t grill everything- order appetizers or dessert on Forkspot.

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