Life in LA: Pacific Theaters Vineland Drive-In


The need to unwind and shake ourselves loose on a regular basis is a part of the build and make up of every Angeleno. There is a reason places of entertainment can be found within a short distance of each other. Life in Los Angeles can get you wound up like a clock and you just have to get out there and find a way to unwind.
The sad thing is that even with this many entertainment options sometimes we just never get out as much as we would like to make the best of them. Take the Pacific Theaters Vineland Drive-In as an example. Driving into a theatre and kicking back in our cars to watch a film without ever having to get out is a perfect way to relax on a weekend. One of the great things about living in Los Angeles is that while you have easy access to everything you need.
The Freedom of It All

Synonymous to the nature of the people of LA, drive in theaters stand for freedom. Life in LA is about just kicking back, relaxing and having fun. At the drive-in people laze around on anything from the back of their trucks to a lounge chair and simple allow their body to unwind as they enjoy a movie on the big screen under the stars. This is a perfect injection for some romantic rejuvenation, a boost of energy or just the need to feel good and alive.
The Pacific Theaters Vineland Drive-In Experience

The Vineland Drive-In is the perfect setting for an evening out with the family so you can get the kids out of your hair for a while. Everyone wins. There is a recreational area for kids so they can run around and play before it gets dark, plus no one seems mindful of kids having their own fun time during the movie. They too are allowed the freedom of walking around, chatting and having a good time without being shushed by adults. For the smaller kids you might want to try and get here early to secure a good spot in the play area. The theater opens at seven, and your tickets allow for a two for one special. Call ahead for show times.
The theatre uses radio frequency so you can always use your device of choice and ear plugs to block out the noise around you. It may be best to use something other than your car radio to save your battery or run it so it does not go dead.
Of course there are refreshment stands so you can grab a snack, but you are also allowed to bring your own. What is a night out at the theatre without snacks? You won’t get great tasting meals or the real good “ole” Los Angeles food delivery service here so bear that in mind. Ensure the family gets something substantial to eat before you get here (just to be on the safe side if the kids don’t like the food choices).
If you have a problem with smokers you will fare better grabbing a spot close to the families. If you are going to watch from your vehicle larger vehicles may block your view once they open their hatchback. It may be a good idea to take along a lounge chair or even blankets and pillows. It is not uncommon to see tents and pets. The whole idea is to simply get comfortable. It does get a bit nippy out here at nights so you might want to prepare for that as well. Just get out there and enjoy the fabulous Los Angeles life.
Here’s an amazing video about the Vineland Drive-In Theater

This video was Winner of “Best Editing” and “Best Picture” at the 2013 Lancer Film Club Festival and “First Place Intermediate Filmmaking” at the PCC Film Department Festival.

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