Surviving Mexican Food Without the Guilt


It’s happened to all of us: when the craving for some tasty, greasy, hole-in-the-wall Mexican food hits (often on a weekend late-night), so we give in wholeheartedly and feast on chips and salsa, fried tacos and questionable meats, and then… without fail… comes a very rumbly tumbly. Many Mexican restaurants are full of food that can upset even the most iron-clad stomach. Seemingly healthy items like taco salad turn dangerous when served in a deep-fried tortilla and topped with sour cream, cheese, and guacamole.

In fact, it’s still quite possible to fill your South-of-the-Border craving and keep your normally-digesting stomach intact. After all, staple Mexican ingredients like black beans and tomatoes are some of the healthiest foods around! Here are a few tips to keep in mind the next time the craving strikes: Fill up on low-calorie chicken tortilla soup as an appetizer or main course. Request whole beans instead of refried beans, which are prepared using lard and grease. Order for your favorite taco or enchilada a la carte, saving the calories that come along with the side of rice and beans. Try ordering grilled, lean meats like turkey or fish rather than carne asada (steak) or pork. Get a deconstructed meal where the meat and contents are served on the side, so you can ration your portion sizes and take control of exactly what goes in that tortilla. Better yet – get fajitas to share! Load up on grilled veggies in meals like fajitas. Top your Mexican food with pico de gallo, hot sauce or lime instead of guacamole – these are two condiments that pack in the flavor without the calories. Experiment with Mexican vegetable dishes like corn on the cob with cayenne pepper and lime or stuffed peppers. Last but not least, get on Forkspot and find dozens of restaurant discounts that offer lower-calorie Mexican dishes!

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