Tips for Eating Vegan Dining Out (Or In!)


A Newly Vegan Survival Guide
We know that veganism isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that even if you’re interested, the transition can be tricky. If you’ve decided to forgo meaty favorites like chicken, cheese, and chorizo, we’ve got a few helpful hints on not only vegan surviving, but thriving! When making the move to a vegan lifestyle, you’ll have culinary support in most major cities like Los Angeles where restaurateurs are savvy about providing options to diverse populations.

Vegan Coffee & Breakfast
When you go out for coffee to start your day, be sure to request a milk or cream substitute. Some good choices include coconut milk, rice milk, and almond milk. Soy milk is by far the most common, but one of the tricks to a healthy vegan diet is not to rely too heavily on soy, which can create a potentially dangerous level of estrogen whether male or female. If you’re in LA, swing by Eat Drink Vegan in Pasadena.

Breakfasts and desserts are traditionally made with eggs and butter, which can make vegan breakfast and branching difficult– at least at traditional restaurants. Vegan sweets and treats are incredibly popular, though, and easy to find in big cities. Check out To Bake & Be, which has couple of locations in Los Angeles.

Vegan Lunch and Dinner
Whether you’re eating out or ordering in, local vegan restaurants await- and they’re increasing in numbers due to popular demand. Some vegan restaurants will make life even easier by delivering right to your doorstep. If your favorite veg spot doesn’t, don’t fret- Forkspot supports a large number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a large city like Los Angeles, where vegan options abound, try the following vegan hot spot
Cruzer Pizza & Pasta for their vegan pesto pizza made with vegan cheese- a real delight for life-long vegans and newly converted vegans alike. We dare you to say you don’t love it.

Vegan alternatives for both dining in and eating out are growing daily in cities like Los Angeles. Whether you’re vegan, considering vegan, or just looking for a healthy, delicious, and ethically sound meal, the budding vegan restaurants around the country truly offer something for everyone. Learn, plan, eat well and stay healthy!

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