Tips for Ordering Food on Game Day


Hosting on game day? Whether you’re having a party or planning to watch at home with your family, there’s a lot of prep work that goes into planning and making food to watch your favorite tea. The good news? Ordering food can take that stress off your plate so that you can focus on other things and have fun watching the game. Want to know more?  Here are our tips for ordering food on game day.

Get something for everyone

When you’re choosing a restaurant to order from, it’s best to choose one with a large menu or classic crowd-pleasing foods. This way, you don’t have to manage multiple orders and deliveries. Easy options include pizza restaurants and sandwich shops.

Be patient

Ordering food on a game day can be a huge help, but it does require some patience. These tips will help you get everything you need but just remember that this is a busy day and that there could be delays.

Order early or schedule your order

Did you know that you can schedule your food to be ready at a later time? That’s something you should take advantage of on busy days, like game day because it is a way to reduce the chance of delays. Alternatively, you can order your food a bit earlier than you actually need it. Both of these options allow you to make sure that you have your food in hand before the big game.

Have it all

If you’re hosting, you need more than just the main meal. Don’t forget to add appetizers (wings, anyone)? and drinks to your order. Your guests will thank you.

Wrapping Up

Ready to start prepping for the big game? If so, check out the Forkspot app for Android and iPhone! On the app, you can find more information about each restaurant and place an order in just a few taps. No matter what you craving for the game, you’ll find foods that will make you the MVH. (That’s most important host)! Do you have any tips for ordering food on game day? Let us know in the comments.

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