Why LA and San Diego Are Falling in Love with Forkspot


How many times have you walked into a restaurant to later discover that you could have saved some serious hard-earned cash on that $20 cocktail or that $50/person meal? Did you even know that you might be eating at places where you could save some serious $ repeatedly, yet no one actually tells you about it, because the world leaves it up to you to find out? Seriously!

All jokes aside (sort of), you probably already spend so much money on food, so why is it still so hard to save when eating out at your favorite spots?

Finally, There’s an App for That – Forkspot!

Without further ado, here are just a few of the reasons why LA and San Diego locals are falling in love with Forkspot, and for good reason, if we do say so ourselves.

Real-Time Discounts

Picture this: You walk into a restaurant without researching any discounts on an app ahead of time, knowing that you could instantly save on your drink or meal. By having Forkspot on your phone, you will never miss restaurant discounts again; your phone will instantly notify you when it finds a discount at your current location, even if your Forkspot app is closed. Say, “Bye” to unnecessary (and quickly expired) restaurant coupon deals.

Discover New Favorites

How often do you discover new restaurants around you? Or do you go to the same place over and over again, because you don’t know what other awesome coffee shops, bars or restaurants are nearby? We do the hard work for you, allowing you to discover and indulge at new restaurants where every hour is happy hour!

No More Menu Confusion

Forkspot will instantly show you the most popular menu items liked by other customers whenever you walk into restaurants. You will never again ask your server “What’s your most popular pizza?” Instead, you will automatically see the highest ranking pizza or any other menu items liked by other visitors. This leaves menu confusion a thing of the past.

Restaurants Love Happy Customers

Restaurant owners understand that customers expect more than just great food, as even explained by Huffington Post. With that said, restaurants are signing up with us every day by huge quantities and we are so excited to welcome them into the Forkspot family.

Ride Sharing: Uber and Lyft Friendly

Automatically see Uber and Lyft rates, because Forkspot integrates with Uber and Lyft seamlessly, so you can focus on curbing your appetite as opposed to worrying how to get to the restaurant. Your ride to that sushi or burger place is just a click away and right at your fingertips.

Authentic & Genuine Reviews

We care about honest reviews and our system is so secure, that we use proximity technology to validate reviews. Next time you wonder if that pizza place is actually good, now you’ll know!

If you have a favorite restaurant in LA and San Diego who has yet to join Forkspot, tell them about us! We’re expanding so quickly and we will welcome them into our family in no time. Thanks LA and San Diego for the love!

We let the restaurants focus on cooking up some delicious dishes (yum!) and daring drinks while we focus on making sure you save a few (or more) bucks on your meal. It’s only fair!

With Forkspot, every hour is happy hour!


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